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Violet Marie Walchak-Coates
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello everyone! My name is Violet and I'm an aspiring animator. Though I'm usually busy with school and home life, I try my best to improve my artwork on here as a portfolio and to make others happy with my work ^^

Currently I am on hiatus for digital art; my computer is in need for repairs. However I am still open for traditional art trades or cosplay photography sessions!

Feel free to contact me about commissions, and if it's a request or art trade you're looking for I'm usually up for them as well!

Malice_Marie (Skype)
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Since my last journal entry, I've been getting back into my artwork! There is definitely an improvement from my previous pieces, so at some point I'll be updating commission examples as I go, but for now just assume I'm a teeeeny bit better lol

For those who follow my cosplay burlesque page, you already know this but for everyone else; I have left the Dolls of Insanity burlesque troupe. The reasoning behind that consists of a few things; I barely had time with my family, I was always knee-deep in prepping the troupe and making shows possible, and all in all it just really took the fun out of it with the stress my position as Co-Leader and then Captain gave me. Another part of the reason is that I had a personal disagreement with another member and felt it best to leave before the disagreement got worse...The troupe is currently in the hands of another member, and I've been assisting with the transition, but otherwise I'm not a Doll anymore. I am still a dancer though, and will continue to perform as I please.

I am creating a more stable basis for 'Elements of Insanity' though- it was a show/performance group I organized last year at RoTL while I was still with the Dolls of Insanity, but now that I'm no longer a Doll I don't feel that it would be right to keep the name, and so we have a new name- Rainbow Chaos Productions! We're going to continue with cosplay burlesque as well as family-friendly shows, so I guess you can say that we're just a little bit of Chaos lol

In other news, I am hoping to move by next month as I am sick and tired of this little tiny apartment. So I will be hosting a big commissions special (not sure of the details just yet) as a moving sale to put towards new things like a bed frame, a few new storage shelves for my craft room, and of course any art supplies that I'm running low on.

Aside from drawing I also sew commissions- I make cat, wolf, dog, and pony ears/tail sets, and I'm working with a faun antler/ear headband to sell in the future. I also do cosplay commissions now and i'm currently working on an Assassin's Creed/MLP crossover costume that is just making me squee!

Also- I'm sorry to my Tumblr followers, for I have been locked out of my account. The account has a verification setting that I didn't take into consideration over my hiatus and I got a new phone and...well....I can't verify it anymore and Tumblr support have just been shit lords about helping me. =_=

I think that's about it for now; I'll likely post again later x.x


OMG! ~Internet Lolita~ by Mistress-of-Nochs
OMG! ~Internet Lolita~
Photo by: Reflections by Brian T House

OMG You're Trash! Trashion-show event at the Zodiac- Colorado Springs, CO.
Pink Double-Layer Venetian Lace Choker by Mistress-of-Nochs
Pink Double-Layer Venetian Lace Choker
I sewed this one together during a craft show. There were two adorable girls who came up to my table asking all sorts of questions about sewing and so I had them pick out the lace and colors themselves for this one! Granted, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't just give them the necklace because of the material costs (Venetian lace is VERY expensive. Sometimes $10+ a yard) but I did praise them and told them they would be brilliant designers when they were older- and seriously, I wouldn't have thought to put these two types of lace together. Normally I only have one row of Venetian lace, but this looks really cool ^^

This necklace is actually for sale right now! Check it out on m Etsy!…
Princess Luna Sewing Cabinet ( PAINTING COMPLETED) by Mistress-of-Nochs
Princess Luna Sewing Cabinet ( PAINTING COMPLETED)
I finished painting Luna! ...Except that I painted her upside down on the canvas *facepalm* the special pegs that were already VERY much so attached to the back of the canvas board (trust me, I tried to pry it off. It's not budging without destroying the painting) are in the wrong direction; they're supposed to tilt upwards in order to hold the spools of thread and bobbin. *sigh* I'm going to try and rig something so that I don't need to destroy/repaint Luna in anyway...I think the only thing left that I haven't tried is wedging my thin saw between the two and cutting it off of the back and fixing the direction. That MAY work, but for now I'm leaving it like it is so I can focus on DCC stuff.

I'm just sad that I can't organize all of my sewing supplies just yet but...the time will come soon enough v.v Just not yet.

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