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Violet Marie Walchak-Coates
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello everyone! My name is Violet and I'm an aspiring animator. Though I'm usually busy with school and home life, I try my best to improve my artwork on here as a portfolio and to make others happy with my work ^^

Currently I am on hiatus for digital art; my computer is in need for repairs. However I am still open for traditional art trades or cosplay photography sessions!

Feel free to contact me about commissions, and if it's a request or art trade you're looking for I'm usually up for them as well!

Malice_Marie (Skype)
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Watching: My corgi twitching in his sleep
  • Drinking: Coke
Well, I DID hope and pray that my modeling/cosplay career would take off...BUT AT WHAT COOOOOOOOOST?
I tried drawing again...and it was pathetic. It was like I reverted back to 2011 or something with how lame the doodles looked compared to the last art I've posted on here. I really need to get back into the swing of things if I intend to do those projects.

I don't know exactly what projects will be done when though...because literally EVERY WEEKEND or so for the next few months are full of photo shoots and burlesque shows. We're finally getting paid for our efforts though...which make me a lot happier.

Another thing that will kind of be in the way is that we intend to move sometime near April/May...into a full-on HOUSE instead of an apartment. It is needed- and I am very much relieved that we'll have more space (and privacy) without hearing people walk around or talking through the walls.

Sadly though, I have to inform you all that our dog, Discord, is no longer with us. But don't worry- he's not dead! We re-homed him to my sister-in-law... Discord is a great dog, and is a total cuddle bug...just not very good with kids. And no matter what we tried, Nick never wanted to listen and leave Discord alone and Discord would simply not stop nipping and intentionally trying to bite him =/ So now we just have King Sombra here...and surprisingly he's become very good. I guess without the constant battle of dominance with Discord he's mellowed out- he rarely barks now, doesn't spaz when someone comes over...and he's only had TWO accidents in the house instead of the multiple piles and puddles we would find between the both of them the next morning...and the only reason he had those accidents was because we either passed out too early ad forgot to walk him or if he needed to go out in the middle of the night.

Along with the shows and lack of motivation, I've also been fighting a cold of some sort since before Christmas =/ First it was a full on cold- possibly bronchitis at that point- with headaches, mucus in the lungs, sore throat, constant sneezing, and a loooooooot of coughing and achy-ness. It went away for like two days and then came back instead as a horrible sinus infection of some sort, and then it went away...or so I thought. Three or four days later, I once again started getting horrid migranes and more coughing (dry this time, ugh) and my left ear has been throbbing. So now I think it's become an ear/sinus infection combo.
Whatever the hell it is, I can NOT wait to get my ass into the doctors to get checked if only the shows, practices, home chores and projects and Nicholas especially would LET me have the time to do so TT_TT

On a lighter note, I'm very glad to be home in Colorado again. Michigan was...cold...and full of constant frustrations...I got to see my friends and family though for the holidays and that was awesome, but there's really no place like home. I already miss them all, and I'm trying my best to mail out presents (two of my nieces are both having birthdays this month, as well as Alex and Nicholas too x.x) but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get stuff mailed out in time. I've been working on cosplay stuff all night so I'm going to hit the hay now, but I figured I'd pop into DA and let you guys know I'm still alive.

Just...y'know...dying a little from this shitty cold. =~=


Protector by Mistress-of-Nochs
Far in Book 3, Malice is captured by the New Horseman and thrown in a prison cell among a select few others. There she is experimented on, tortured, and mentally and emotionally beat down. It's here though that we meet a new character; Felix. He's been imprisoned for several years and instantly takes to Malice, becoming protective of her and lashing out as much as he could despite the bars that separated them.
I don't have many MalicexFelix pictures so I figured why not doodle up something. This is definitely not the best work that I can do, but it's something.
Echo Portrait by Mistress-of-Nochs
Echo Portrait
I seem to always enjoy doodling portraits of Echo.
Just kind of trying to get back into drawing again while I wait for my sewing machine to get back to me. I've delved so much in cosplay since my old computer died that I feel like I'm starting all over again =/
Self Worth by Mistress-of-Nochs
Self Worth
I'm so tired of people doubting their self-worth. Last year or so one of my Tumblr followers committed suicide, and that left me heartbroken for quite a while because I had become close with him even though he merely followed my blog and would make silly comments and such. But this past weekend someone who I can physically see, touch, and talk to attempted suicide herself this past weekend. Depression is a mental illness whether people believe it or not and it's taxing to know that someone close to you has it and you can do nothing. I spent an entire night out in the woods with the police looking for her and now though they found her in time and got her medical help, I still feel completely helpless. I'm tired of mending broken parts for other people when they're just going to turn around and break themselves more and more. It's like a never-ending cycle and I can't help them anymore than I already have. The big factor is that they need to want to help themselves too...and she doesn't. Yet I can't abandon her- she's my friend and she considers me one of her closest friends as well, which is why I think it's so hard to understand why she can't see her own self-worth when she's cherished by not just me but everyone that knows her.
What Year is It!? by Mistress-of-Nochs
What Year is It!?
Just a small sketch I was TRYING to do of Mira but in my sleepiness...I got silly. :3
Life Choices by Mistress-of-Nochs
Life Choices
Scrap doodle I made the other night when I was pulling an all-nighter in order to work on stuff for the troupe. *shrug*

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